Delta Sigma Pi
Alpha Zeta Chapter – The University of Tennesse at Knoxville



Alpha Zeta Chapter

Officer Information Sheet

President: Tyler Wilkerson

Email:                                                                           Phone: 423-276-0207


Senior Vice President: Anna Badalova

Email:                                                                       Phone: 865-414-8741


Vice President Chapter Operations: Amanda Hawkes

Email:                                                                     Phone: 423-737-8448


Vice President Finance: Geoff Hornstra

Email:                                                                       Phone: 865-591-9179


Vice President Pledge Education: Lexie Palus            

Email:                                                                          Phone: 262-424-7499


Vice President Community Service: Cassie Gentle

Email:                                                                         Phone: 423-653-6247


Chancellor: Alexis Redd

Email:                                                                          Phone: 423-505-6143


Vice President Professional Activities: Robin Coble   

Email:                                                                         Phone: 615-478-6652


Vice President Public Relations: John Jennings

Email:                                                                        Phone: 423-313-3965


Vice President Alumni Relations: Sam Moody

Email:                                                                      Phone: 901-734-5905


Vice President Scholarships and Awards: Marinne Pettit

Email:                                                                         Phone: 615-477-9914


Social Chair: Alissa Hatfield

Email:                                                                        Phone: 865-256-8636


Historian: Brittney Trotter

Email:                                                                        Phone: 865-256-8636


Webmaster: Adam Orlowski

Email:                                                                       Phone: 865-250-2653


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